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Cells and Microorganisms

For more than 85 years, ATCC has been a leading provider of biological materials and standards for the life sciences community. We have the largest, most diverse collection of biological and microbiological materials and cell lines with characteristics that are vital to the advancement of scientific research and development.


The ATCC Bacteriology Collection is a diversified assemblage of prokaryotes, containing more than 18,000 strains in over 750 genera. The Collection holds more than 3,600 type cultures of validly described species, and nearly 500 bacteriophages.

By Disease / Model

ATCC offers a wide assortment of cell cultures to support disease-based research in several key areas, such as cancer, infectious disease, and genetic disease states.

By Focus Area

ATCC offers a wide assortment of cell cultures, microbial strains, cDNA, and vectors to support developmental research in specific focus areas.

By Tissue

Select ATCC cells isolated from specific tissue types to support research in disease mechanisms, tissue biology, iPS cell technology, and regenerative medicine.

Cell Lines

The ATCC Cell Biology Collection is the most comprehensive bioresource in the world, consisting of over 3,600 cell lines from over 150 different species. Applications include animal and tumor cell models, assay development, and drug discovery.

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The ATCC Primary Cell collection includes quality primary cells, along with the media, reagents, and relevant information needed to support the successful culture of primary cells.


ATCC® Minis are authentic ATCC cultures provided in a convenient frozen format that enables you to get your assays moving faster – Just open, plate, and go!

Reporter-labeled Cultures

Reporter-labeled cultures are useful for monitoring various biological functions.
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Solute Carrier Transporters (SLCs)

ATCC offers hTERT-immortalized primary and continuous cells that overexpress OAT1 and OCT2, SLCs that play key roles in renal clearance of drugs and endogenous compounds.

Protein and Virus Production

ATCC Expression Systems match reliable, authenticated cells with their ideal media and transfection reagents to create optimized, easy to use protein expression systems.

Fungi and Yeast

The ATCC Mycology Collection is a trusted resource center housing a diverse assortment of filamentous fungi and yeasts, representing over 7,600 species, including 4,100 type strains and 1,500 genera. The mycology collection also offers over 32,000 yeast genetic strains.

hTERT Immortalized Cell Lines

ATCC human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) immortalized cell lines represent a breakthrough in cell biology research that combines the in vivo nature of primary cells with the traditional cell line's ability to survive continuously in vitro.


ATCC offers a diverse assortment of hybridomas producing immunoglobulins for use in applications such as infectious disease research and cell signaling analysis.
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Microbial Panels

ATCC Microbial Panels are functionally relevant strain sets, enabling faster, more intelligent choices when selecting cultures for laboratory research. Each panel is a research tool, useful for a variety of applications.

Molecular Biology

ATCC is a trusted and reliable resource for molecular tools with a variety of vectors, hosts and expression tools for molecular research.


The ATCC Protistology Collection is the only general service collection of taxonomically diverse living stock protists in the United States, and the only large service repository of parasitic protozoa in the world. Cultures are authenticated using morphological and molecular techniques.

Plant Seeds

The ATCC Botany Collection contains over 400 strains of patented seeds, including those from Zea mays, Arabidopsis thaliana, and Helianthus annuus.

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ATCC has provided stem cell resources to the research community for more than a decade, including mouse ES cells, human ES cells, human MSCs, human iPS cells. Complete cell culture solutions to support each type of stem cell are available.


ATCC houses a wide assortment of viral cultures for use in research related to pathogenesis, epidemiology, molecular assay development, and vaccine discovery and production.

Testing and Characterization

ATCC offers several testing and characterization opportunities, including STR profiling analysis, the Universal Mycoplasma Detection Kit, and the Cell Proliferation Assay Kits.